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EMG Muscle Testing

Surface ​​​​​​​Electromyography (SEMG) Muscle Testing is a tool to measure your muscle output while performing an exercise or action. This technology enables us to test your muscle excitement and ability to contract your muscles efficiently. SEMG is a fantastic biofeedback tool.

Our Scientific Approach

​​​​​​​We use surface electromyography (SEMG) to answer musculoskeletal problems manual tests can not. SEMG provides insight into muscle activity, which is unattainable through palpation or observation. SEMG is one of the most efficient tests for muscle hyperactivity or inactivity. We can measure muscle activity during many activities. Our EMG system is entirely wireless. Data biofeedback is provided in real-time with very accurate measurements.

At Body Synergy, SEMG Muscle Testing varies from client to client. During your initial assessment, Rowan or Makayla will diagnose what SEMG Muscle Testing you will receive. Rowan will explain your results to you immediately following his analysis. You will instantly understand your results and reap the benefits of increased knowledge!

SEMG has revolutionised our scientific approach to corrective exercise at Body Synergy.

If you have any questions regarding SEMG Muscle Testing or want a consultation with Rowan, please email him directly.

Cost: $230 - 50- 60 minute consultation.

         $150 - 30-minute consultation.

Contact: or ph. 03 4777226.