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EMG Muscle Testing

Surface ​​​​​​​Electromyography (SEMG) Muscle Testing is a tool we use to measure your muscle output while performing an exercise or action. This technology enables us to test your muscular awareness and your ability to contract your muscles correctly.

Our Scientific Approach

​​​​​​​Many people, from professional athletes to individuals suffering back pain may have limited knowledge of how to contract their muscles correctly. Most importantly they may not know what movements each major muscle group is responsible for. This issue of poor muscle activation awareness must be addressed as it is often a contributing factor towards many of the wear and tear injuries sustained in gyms, on sporting fields, at work, and at homes around the world.

Millions of people in the world end up suffering pain as a result of not knowing how to contract their muscles or use their muscles correctly during everyday activities.

Most people assume we use our muscles correctly naturally, a lot of times we don't. We need to be shown how to use our muscles correctly.

At Body Synergy, SEMG Muscle Testing varies from client to client. During your initial assessment, Rowan will diagnose what SEMG Muscle Testing you will receive. Rowan will explain your results to you immediately following his analysis. You will understand your results and reap the benefits of increased muscle awareness straight away!

The use of SEMG has revolutionized our scientific approach to corrective exercise at Body Synergy.

If you have any questions regarding SEMG Muscle Testing or would like a consultation with Rowan please email him directly.

Cost: $195 - 50 to 60 minute consultation.

         $135 - 30-minute consultation.

Contact: or ph. 03 4777226.