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Recovery and pain relief through massage: Dunedin's Rowan Ellis

The massage therapy techniques applied at Body Synergy have been developed by musculoskeletal massage therapist Rowan Ellis. A treatment massage involves two masseuses working on the body simultaneously for a deep and intense massage that frees up tense and spasmodic muscles, returning mobility to the joints and restoring a full range of movement.

Our massage treatments are the perfect complement to the range of fitness and rehabilitation programmes available at Body Synergy.


Massage therapy for chronic back muscle pain

Professional massage provides a deeper level of treatment that you can’t achieve from the less hands-on methods available. Many of our clients at Body Synergy have already done the rounds of physio, osteopathy and other types of therapy before they find us, some who have lived with chronic back muscle pain for years and others with acute injuries. Rowan makes a full and thorough assessment to identify the cause of the pain and prescribe a massage treatment and exercise regime designed to correct the problem and aid recovery.


Recovery training and massage for Dunedin's elite athletes

Anyone can book in for bodywork from Makayla Frost, our fully qualified massage therapist. Makayla has been personally trained by Rowan and works alongside him here in Dunedin, providing the deep tissue massage required for better recovery from sports training and competition; from the weekend warriors to elite athletes, Makayla can help keep you active in your chosen code for longer.

Massage Treatments

With your body under the care of Body Synergy, you're guaranteed a long term recovery, not a short term fix.

Two Masseuse consultations with Rowan and Makayla:

30 minutes $135
60 minutes $195

Massage consultations with Makayla Frost

30 minutes $59
60 minutes $90


If you would like to make an appointment for a remedial massage or have any questions regarding this service please email Rowan Ellis. or contact us here.